Qui sommes-nous?

Canadian made audio logoCanadianMade Audio Productions creates audio stories which are published as podcasts about Canadian influences around the world about medicine, arts, industry, literature, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and people who make Canadian made products.

Our mission is to help Canadians tell the stories about their products, art, love, innovations, and influences in North America and around the world.  We encourage new affiliates to use our audio reports for broadcast over-the-air; internet and intranet purposes.

Sponsor Our Efforts & Tell Your Friends!

  1. We Love Paid Sponsors! You can become a supporting paid sponsor through PayPal, which is a trusted payment processing system. If you wish, we will gladly place your paid sponsorship on this page.
  2. DONATE to help us keep this free service going! We get lots of traffic, and our audiocasts are currently free to the public. But, that does not mean we don’t have expenses.  So, with that said, we’re running a donation drive to help meet some of our expenses. We will gladly accept any donations through PayPal as well.
Our audio reports are available to be licensed for on-air and internet and intranet use.
Contact: Debra Grobman at dgcreative (at)mindspring.com or (323) 939-8253


Free Search Engine Submission
Free Search Engine Submission

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