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Special Olympian Wants To Meet Will Smith!

Listen to our latest interview with Tess Trojan.  She’s coming to Los Angeles, along with thousands of other athletes from 177 countries, to compete in the Special Olympics World Games, which runs from July 25th through August 2nd.  This 26 year old from St. Catherines, Ontario has the passion to win a medal or two for her country. But, if she cannot win, she’s proud to be able to say she was in L.A. She might even take in a studio tour or two to see where her favorite TV shows are made.  But, even better, she’d love to say hello to Will Smith. She adores in his character as played the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Tess Trojan is a seasoned Olympian, having played women’s Ice Hockey for Canada in the Special Olympics. She’s coming to Los Angeles, along with thousands of other athletes from 177 countries, to compete in the Special Olympics World Games, which run from July 25th through August 2nd.

Special Olympics Ontario is proud to announce a new addition to the Special Olympics Board of Directors. Ms. Tessa Kathleen Trojan (Tess) will serve as a member of the Board of Directors as the Athlete Representative (2013-2014, 2014-2017, 2017-2021 respectively).

More About Tess
Tess Trojan is an inspiration and is the essence of all that is Special Olympics. The St. Catharines, Ontario native won the 2012 inaugural Special Olympics National Golf Tournament (Division 1, Women). A true champion with an infectious enthusiasm for Special Olympics and sport, 24-year-old Tess has been involved with Special Olympics programs for the past 13 years. She began her journey with Special Olympics in 2000 as a 5 pin bowling athlete and now participates in more than 5 sports. In addition to her golf title, Tess is an award-winning swimmer and powerlifter. 

Tess is More Than an Athlete
Tess is a trained Athlete Speaker and Ambassador for Special Olympics. Tess is very passionate about Special Olympics and in a recent a presentation to the Niagara Down Syndrome Caring Parents, she said, “I am grateful to Special Olympics for so many things. I have met many friends. We share a common bond, we all want to do our very best and support our friends to do the same.  Special Olympics offers us the opportunity to participate in sports which might not be possible if the organization wasn’t there. I’ve been lucky to have many great coaches and volunteers to help me with my sporting activities.”

Tess is a part-time student at Niagara College and graduated in May from the College Path Program (General Arts & Science). She is currently a student in the school’s Pre-Community Services Program, and her career goals are to work with children or seniors in recreation.

At the 2013 Special Olympics Ontario Provincial Games in York Region, Tess was a silver medalist. Tess was fortunate to be one of six Ontario Golfers who competed at the Special Olympics North America Invitational Tournament in Atlantic City this past October.

Special Olympian @ LA World Games

Canadian Made’s producer Rita Rich caught up with Canada’s power-lifter JACKIE BARRETT.  Jackie’s interview can be accessed here. He is a Special Olympics Veteran who set’s big goals and accomplishes them!  We encourage everyone in Canada and the USA  to cheer him on this summer!  #JackieBarrett, #TheMooseWay

“He says, “The only way is “The Moose’ way.”  He joined the Special Olympics in 1987, when he was just 13 years old.   He’s North America’s fifth High Functioning Autistic person to get a university degree. Jackie graduated from Saint Mary’s University on May 11, 1998.

Jackie is one of nine athletes in Special Olympics Canadian History to compete in the Special Olympics World Games three times for a particular sport.

He’s got some real tenur with Special Olympics Canada.  So much so that Special Olympics Canada and their Marketing Partner, Grey Canada, recently launched “There Is No Special Treatment” campaign aimed at raising awareness for Special Olympics Canada, and also to recruit volunteers, coaches, and athletes.  The messages sent from this campaign are that sport is an equalizer, sport doesn’t discriminate, and sport doesn’t care whom does that performance. To put it in perspective, 600 lbs. is 600 lbs., and a 100 metre Sprint in 11 seconds is a 100 metre sprint in 11 seconds.  

Corner Brook Vikings Powerlifter, Jackie Barrett, is one of the three feature athletes in this campaign.

The Los Angeles Games will also provide a venue for global discussions and action on the impact Special Olympics can have on the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. More than 200 million people worldwide have an intellectual disability, making it the largest disability group worldwide. Intellectual disability crosses racial, ethnic, educational, social and economic lines, and can occur in any family.

Volunteers and supporters are also essential to make the World Games a success. To apply to be one of the 30,000 volunteers for the World Games please visit: To help raise funds to cover costs associated with the visiting athletes, please visit For more information about the World Games, please visit and on social with #ReachUpLA on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram.


  • National Games Appearances:1994 – Halifax, Nova Scotia (Swimming)
    1998 – Sudbury, Ontario (Powerlifting)
    2002 – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (Powerlifting)
    2006 – Brandon, Manitoba (Powerlifting)
    2010 – London, Ontario (Powerlifting)
    2014 – Vancouver, British Columbia (Powerlifting)
    World Games Appearances:1999 – Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA (Powerlifting)
    2007 – Shanghai, China (Powerlifting)
    2011 – Athens, Greece (Powerlifting)

    Special Olympics Sports:

    Swimming – 1987-1996
    Powerlifting – 1995 – Present
    5 Pin Bowling – 2008 – Present
    28 Year Special Olympics Veteran

  • Awards
    Special Olympics Medals:Provincial Games (Nova Scotia) – 33 Medals (27 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze)
    Provincial Games (Newfoundland and Labrador) – 10 (7 Gold, 1, Silver, 2 Bronze)
    National Games – 25 Medals (22 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze)
    World Games – 11 Medals (10 Gold, 1 Silver, 0 Bronze)
    Awards and Honours:1991 Special Olympics Nova Scotia Summer Games “Oath Reader”
    1994 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games “Torch Bearer”
    1999 Special Olympics Nova Scotia Summer Games “Oath Reader”
    2000 Special Olympics Nova Scotia “Male Athlete of the Year”
    2000 Sport Nova Scotia “Male Athlete of the Year” Runner-up
    2000 Special Olympics Canada – “Male Athlete of the Year”
    2007 “The Chronicle Herald” – Top Ten Sports Story
    2007 “The Daily News” – Top Ten Sports Story
    2007 Sport Nova Scotia – “Individual Male Athlete of the Month – October 2007”
    2008 Sport Nova Scotia – “Individual Male Athlete of the Year” Runner-up
    2009 Vancouver 2010 “Torch Bearer” – Corner Brook Leg
    2011 The City of Corner Brook declared November 28, 2011 “Jackie Barrett Day”. First time in Special Olympics Canada history that an athlete has a day declared for him/her.
    2011 “The Wester Star” – Top Ten Sports “Highlights of 2011”.
    2012 City of Corner Brook “Achievement in Community Excellence – Male Athlete of the Year” Award Winner
    2012 Jackie Barrett’s 25th anniversary year in the Special Olympics. He joined Special Olympics in 1987 at only 13 years of age.

    Powerlifting Competition Personal Bests:
    Squat – 275.5 Kilograms
    Bench Press (Raw and Post Injury) – 137.5 Kilograms
    Bench Press (Raw and Pre Injury) – 153 Kilograms
    Deadlift – 300 Kilograms
    Overall – 697.5 Kilograms

     Powerlifting Milestones:
    Youngest Canadian Special Olympian to Deadlift 500 lbs.+ at 23.
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Bench Press 300 lbs.+ raw.
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Squat 500 lbs.+
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Squat 550 lbs.+
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Squat 600 lbs.+
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Deadlift 550 lbs.+
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Deadlift 600 lbs. +
    First Canadian Special Olympian to Deadlift 300 KGs.+
    Former Nova Scotia Powerlifting Association Men’s Open Super-
    Heavyweight Deadlift record holder at the 2006 Truro Fall Classic. Record was held for 28 years by Frank Yakimchuk.
    Set the Special Olympics World Squat Record with a 590 lb. lift at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens.
    Only Special Olympian to set Special Olympics provincial generic records in Junior, Open (Senior), and Master’s age categories.

The World Games will take place on July 25 – August 2, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.   Every two years, Special Olympics athletes come together to compete at the Special Olympics World Games. This summer, over 7,000 athletes from 177 countries will descend upon LA to show the true meaning of courage, joy and determination.  Athletes will be competing in 25 different sports at venues throughout Los Angeles, including USC and UCLA.