Canadians, take pride in the things that are truly theirs. Check out our list of 15 featured Canadian products and the companies listed directly below. Additionally, you can even download our ever-growing list of Canadian made products which are listed by topic with active hyperlinks to websites.  And, if you have some more time, take a look at the Custom-made Website, a great resource for finding custom-made products by geography, and there are more listed at the Canadian Encyclopedia.  Come back often, as we are always working on this project little by little to bring you more resources and stories.

Featured Online Sites: 

  1. Etsy Candian Handmade. More than 15,800 items.
  2. I did a search of Canadian made and there are nearly 600 items.
  3. AhaLife curates its site with products from over 1,000 designers from over 45 countries.
  4. Ebay. Just type in Canada or Canadian made.
  5. Paderno Cookware. Prince Edward Island is better known for Anne of Green Gables, sunny beaches and potatoes than for quality cookware. As Canada’s only cookware manufacturer, Paderno takes exceptional pride in the quality that goes into every product made and sold. But since 1979, this company has been making people across North America stand up and take notice as we provide them with some of the finest cookware found anywhere.
  6. TIM Hortons. From its fresh coffee to its trademark timbits, Hamilton, Ontario., is home to the first Tim Hortons outlet in 1964 and the company has since exploded across the country. As of the end of 2013, it had 4,592 restaurants in Canada, 807 in the United States
  7. IMAX theatre was created by Canada’s IMAX Corporation, It is an oversized screen, surround sound systems and special effects make viewers feel that they’re in the film. In recent years, IMAX has expanded to show movies in 3-D and current blockbusters including “The Equalizer”
  8. Mountain Equipment Co-op . Outdoor enthusiasts have been flocking to Mountain Equipment Co-op for their skis, canoes and camping equipment since its founding in the early 1970s. You have to be a member to buy anything from the co-op and a reported 2.5 million people are a part of the MEC club, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. If you don’t live near any of the 12 retail stores, you can order your sub-zero weather sleeping bag online or through the co-op’s catalog.
  9. Canadian Tire. Long known as the go-to place for all things home improvement, Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies. Popular for giving its customers Canadian Tire “money” in an effort to entice them back, customers save it with hopes of one day having enough to buy a product with the colorful currency. Recently the company announced that it would soon start selling groceries in an effort to compete with other retail giants.
  10. Cervélo Bikes. If you’re a diehard cyclist or triathlete, you’ll know about Cervélo. Building racing bicycle framesets since the mid 1990s, Cervélo Cycles, a Toronto, Ont., company, has been in the international spotlight lately for its high-end design and materials. In July this year, Spanish cyclist Carlos Sastre rode his Cervélo to the top of the winner’s podium at the Tour de France.
  11. Roots. Founded in 1973, it got its start in shoes but expanded to clothing, watches, leather bags and luggage. Roots provided clothing for Canada’s athletes during several Olympic Games.
  12. Canadian Maple Syrup. Canadian Maple Syrup Federation has a Facebook page that posts wonderful recipes. There is even a Maple Podcast, the MapleGuy.    “A member of FPAQ in 2013 stated there were :13,500 producers in Quebec with 42.7M syrup taps… this is only bulk producers. There is no available data for Hobbyist (who sell syrup at farm only). Quebec produced 91% of Canadian crop in 2013, and 71.3% of World production. The tiny, picturesque village of St-Antoine-de-Tilly has a secret. In a nondescript warehouse on the outskirts of town, some 40 kilometers southwest of Quebec City, there is a stash of maple syrup. A 6.3-million-kilogram stash of maple syrup, to be exact. About 60 kilometers further south, another 1.4-million-kilogram cache is squirreled away in Plessisville, a town proclaimed as the World Maple Capital in 1976. More related to this story Together, these stockpiles were officially called the International Strategic Reserve, which works like a Fort Knox for Canada’s most-cherished breakfast condiment – a massive arsenal of sweet, liquid gold ready to be deployed to feed a rise in global demand while maintaining price stability. The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association is a great resource for more information.
  13. Toronto Maple Leafs. How is a sports team a product, you ask? When a team charges in excess of $200 for a ticket, operates a TV station, controls a brand plastered on countless t-shirts, jackets, pencil cases,etc. and gets valued in a recent Forbes feature at US$448 million, it crosses the line into ‘big business’, and you can read in more detail about them.
  14. Canadarm. Assisting with space missions at the International Space Station since the early 1980s, the mechanical arm’s main function involves assisting astronauts as they work and moving equipment around the station. There’s been two versions of the Canadarm, the latter launched in April 2001 with the capability of handling up to 256,000 pounds of weight.
  15. Hudson Bay Company. With its first store opening in 1881 in Winnipeg, Man., the Hudson’s Bay Company (The Bay) is reportedly North America’s oldest commercial corporation. Even though it now operates under an American firm, Canadians still consider The Bay to be theirs and shop at locations across the country.
  16. Classic Products Roofing is a local Canadian company which makes metal roofs for homes and garages. They come in a variety of colors and shapes so they still look like shingles, but they won’t blow off by accident or leak like shingles do.
  17. ICRAFT.CA is a website which is home to hand made gifts, crafts, decorations for the home and work, pillows, clothing, jewelry, accessories and even furniture that is locally made in the Greater Toronto Area. The website is a mecca for local artisans and craftsmen and people who want to buy local products.
  18. Toronto Street Fashion is a website which promotes locally made fashion in the GTA. While not everything on their website is Canadian-made, the vast majority is Canadian.
  19. Canadian Companies Listed Alphabetically (Source is from Wikipedia)

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